Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Adrian Cooper Barred from Securities Industry 
For Immediate Release
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Contact: Irving L. Faught, Administrator
  Oklahoma Department of Securities
Oklahoma City/////  Irving Faught, the Administrator of the Oklahoma Securities Commission has barred Adrian Cooper from association with a broker-dealer or investment adviser in any capacity and from offering or selling securities in or from the state of Oklahoma.

“While selling away, Adrian Cooper was operating a classic Ponzi scheme,” Faught said “He represented the returns made to investors as being funded through the success of an underlying venture when the payments were actually funded with the monies of newly attracted investors.” “Selling away” happens when an agent solicits an investor to purchase securities not held or offered by that agent’s employing stock brokerage firm. As a general rule, such activities are a violation of securities regulations.

The Administrator had previously initiated an administrative enforcement action against Cooper alleging the fraudulent sale of unregistered securities in the nature of shares of stock, real estate interests, and interests in a purported investment club (“Investment Interests”).

Cooper offered and sold the Investment Interests while a registered agent of a national broker-dealer. However, these transactions were effected outside the scope of his relationship or affiliation with any broker-dealer. Cooper directed Investors to remit their money to him personally or to a third party through which the money was transferred to Cooper.

Cooper did not invest the money entrusted to him. Instead, the monies were used to pay personal expenses and to make payments to other investors.

Copies of the Commission's pleadings in the enforcement action can be found on the Commission's website at www.securities.ok.gov.

The Administrator of the Oklahoma Securities Commission is charged with administration and enforcement of the Oklahoma Securities Act. The Commission investigates securities fraud, the offer or sale of unregistered securities, and the sales practices of stockbrokers and investment advisers. The Administrator may seek administrative or civil sanctions against any person who violates state securities regulations and, when appropriate, make criminal referrals.
This press release, and related information, is available on the Department of Securities' web site at www.securities.ok.gov, by phone at 405/280-7700, or in writing at:  Oklahoma Department of Securities, 204 North Robinson, Suite 400, Oklahoma City, OK 73102