The Enforcement Division's primary purpose is to enforce the Oklahoma Uniform Securities Act of 2004 and the Oklahoma Business Opportunity Sales Act. In doing so it relies on the cooperation and input of the investing public. This division consists of attorneys, investigators, and financial analysts that are trained to handle the complex issues encountered in securities and business opportunities matters.

Inquiries and complaints concerning the possible violations of the Securities and Business Opportunity Acts are made by the general public by calling or writing to the Department. Frequently, it is through inquiries and complaints from individuals that serious violations of these acts are detected. Listed below are some of the issues callers often inquire about:

  • the misrepresentation or omission of facts concerning securities or business opportunities offered for sale;
  • the sale of securities by someone thought to be unregistered with the Department;
  • the misappropriation of customer funds by a person or firm selling securities or business opportunities;
  • manipulation by a person or firm of the market price of securities, and;
  • failure to properly register a business opportunity when required by the Business Opportunity Act.

While the Enforcement Division does not act as a private attorney for investors, the Enforcement Division does, through the investigation of complaints, seek to end violation of the laws and prevent future violations. The Enforcement Division also makes referrals to criminal enforcement agencies when appropriate.

If you believe you have been defrauded by a brokerage firm, investment advisor, or other industry professional, you may choose to file a customer complaint with FINRA, an organization successful in disciplining brokers and firms that have violated securities rules and regulations.

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