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COVID-19 Related Early Withdrawals from Retirement Accounts ... 6/3/2020
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Securities Department Joins Task Force Cracking Down on COVID-19 Investment... 5/11/2020
COVID-19-Related Investment Schemes Anticipated ... 4/16/2020
Investors Cautioned About Making Sudden and Uninformed Decisions... 3/2/2020
Recent Enforcement Actions
Pentecost Capital Mgmt., Inc. and Pentecost, C. Daniel 
Adobe Image Order Appointing Hearing Officer    Filed: 9/14/2020
Gregory, Joe Lawrence and Blue Quail, Ltd. 
Adobe Image Dismissal Without Prejudice as to Joe Lawrence Gregory    Filed: 9/11/2020
Moussavi-Arfa, Shawn Thomas 
Adobe Image Agreement [Shawn Thomas Moussavi-Arfa]    Filed: 9/4/2020
Pentecost Capital Mgmt., Inc. and Pentecost, C. Daniel 
Adobe Image Order Setting Hearing [9/18/20 @ 1:00 p.m.]    Filed: 9/3/2020
Dean Broker Exchange, LLC and Dean, Burton Clifford 
Adobe Image Statement of Judgment [Burton Clifford Dean]    Filed: 8/24/2020
Pentecost Capital Mgmt., Inc. and Pentecost, C. Daniel 
Adobe Image Answer regarding Revocation and Request for Hearing    Filed: 8/21/2020
Adobe Image Answer regarding Summary Suspension and Request for Hearing    Filed: 8/21/2020
DC Academy and BFG Enterprises and Coursey, Dominique 
Adobe Image Motion for Default Judgment    Filed: 8/12/2020
Adobe Image Affidavit as to Military Service [Dominque Coursey]    Filed: 8/12/2020
Empire Dispensary, Inc. and Christian, Shaun U. 
Adobe Image Judgment [Brian Herbert Martin and Shaun Urrea Christian    Filed: 8/11/2020
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